In Industry, Week 1

Author’s Note: This post was written a couple of weeks ago, so things that are written in the present tense are now out of date.

Hey again. Sandro here.

One of things that I am supposed to be doing is maintaining this blog. Haven’t really kept up with that. It’s been crazy. I’m in my industry practicum right now and we’re literally in the finishing stages of a feature-length documentary.

Doesn’t leave you with a ton of time to dedicate to other things. Especially when you’re trying to put in extra hours to try and impress your boss, and hell… just to help out. I’ve wanted to make movies since I was barely able to walk, and even if I’m just a small cog in the machine I want to do my part and then some to get this thing across the finish line. Even more so because I’ve arrived at this company just in time for a very big project that sounds like it’s been more challenging than anything before it. A good test to see if I really am crazy enough to follow through on the whole, “I want to work in the film industry” thing if there ever was one.

I should catch up on the blogging though, I guess. I’m thinking for now I will try and go week by week with my experiences, without getting to specific, because… Well, I can’t really. At least as I write this. The film we’re working on is dealing with some sensitive material and technically hasn’t even been officially revealed to the public yet. So it’s best I keep my mouth shut on some of these specifics, at least for now. I think I’ll be able to share a trailer for it around very soon though.

So, week one… I suppose I can say that I am interning at Network Entertainment. They work on a variety of shows, but I’m working in editorial on the feature length documentaries. It was an interesting first week for sure. A lot of new names and faces. Definitely felt like I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, because we’ve never really done anything that would be an assistant editor’s responsibility at school. Media management is one thing, everything else was just… wow. Just I sat, and listened, and tried to absorb as much as I could about what they needed me to do. Not to mention just trying to catch up on the projects we’re working on. One is still fairly early on, the edit hasn’t even started. The other… Well, that’s the one that we’ve been pushing the picture lock date on for about a week now.

A lot of excitement and nervousness for sure… for sure.

This week was difficult though. I had to miss a day because… Well, this is difficult. I don’t want to get into too much detail because it’s… It’s just difficult. Back in November 2015 we got a puppy, very young, her name was Finley. We have another dog named Shadow, she’s much older. Finley was new because our other dog, Lacee, had passed away earlier that year. We had this adorable Golden Lab-Retriever/Australian Shepherd mix. But as she got older and stronger, she became very aggressive. This started to tail off once we got her spayed, but the two dogs fighting or Finley getting aggressive still happened from time to time.


At the end of January this year, we moved to a smaller house. The two dogs started to get very territorial. The fighting between the dogs became more frequent and more intense. And Finley biting us became more and more frequent. In the last few weeks it was almost as if something had snapped, because even when things were okay she was behaving rather strangely.

Late on the Wednesday night of my first week of practicum, Finley went… Well, she basically went feral. It only lasted about 30 seconds but she attacked me and my sister. We had to call 911 to get an ambulance. My sister got it much worse than I. I’ve just been left with a ton of scars from puncture wounds around my wrists and forearms. I lost probably 90% of my mobility and all of my strength in my arms for a few days. My car is so old that I have to put the key in the door to unlock it, and I couldn’t even do that.

The dog had to be put down, of course. I tried to find other solutions. This was a dog that had a tremendous ability to feel empathy. But we were scared of her. Our other dog was terrified of her.

I don’t know what went wrong. A failure on our end or something just not being right with Finley. But I hope she’s found peace… Somewhere. Anywhere. It’s sad what happened but I know for the most part, we’re a whole lot less stressed out and in losing Finley it’s almost as if we got Shadow back. She’s much more relaxed and her personality is shining through again.

It just had to happen.



So that really brought an end to my first week. I was back in the office on Friday for a screening of the film, but between all the antibiotics and painkillers, and the fact we had to make that call… I wasn’t really there mentally for a while.

I’ll try to be back again to talk more about my experience at Network.


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