Author’s Note: This is written in third person and sounds super pretentious to me but that’s what I was told to do, so please don’t hate me for that.

Welcome to the blog of Sandro Desaulniers, video editor. Sandro worked a freelance editor for four years, and has recently begun a career in the film and television industries. He began learning how to use editing software at ten years old, and began to expand his skill set by producing videos for a variety of YouTube channels over the last decade. Focused primarily on video game-related content, Sandro has produced a handful of viral hits, as well as short video series that have garnered attention from within the video games industry. He also produced coverage of the PAX Prime convention in Seattle for the Baseline TV YouTube Network in 2014 and 2015.

Sandro is a recent graduate of the British Columbia Institute of Technology, where he studied Television & Video Production beginning in late 2015. As a part of the program, Sandro has produced, directed, written, and edited a number of videos, short films, and live productions, furthering his experience and knowledge of his craft in a more professional setting.

The most well-known video Sandro has produced is the Canucks-related pump-up video “You vs. Them” released in 2011, an overnight viral sensation on YouTube that was later hosted on the Canucks official website. He has also worked with local death metal band Giants Arise on music video projects. He has also collaborated with members of his class on the short films “Second Hand Happiness” and “Waiting for Summer”.

Sandro’s biggest inspirations are many of the films of his childhood, in particular the Star Wars Original Trilogy. The world envisioned by George Lucas, and brought to life with the music of John Williams, these are the films that first caused his interest in film. Star Wars captured Sandro’s imagination at a young age, in large part due to the behind-the-scenes featurettes included in the Special Edition VHS release of the trilogy. More recent influences include films such as Lawrence of Arabia & Mad Max: Fury Road, the former being a favourite of Sandro’s late grandfather and the latter regarded as one of the greatest action films in history. Specific influences when it comes to filmmakers includes J.J. Abrams, Edgar Wright, Quentin Tarantino & Heath Ledger.

As a part of his training and education at BCIT, Sandro co-wrote and directed a short documentary titled “More Than Sound”. An extended version of the documentary will be released online in 2017. He also plans to complete and release a music video along with Giants Arise. Finally, Sandro has had the opportunity to work as a post-production intern at Network Entertainment on the upcoming documentary, “I Am Heath Ledger”. The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, and made its’ worldwide television debut earlier this year. He currently works at Network Entertainment on upcoming “I Am” films, as well as outside the company on various personal projects.